SmartGraft Hair Restoration Marion Ohio

The SmartGraft hair restoration procedure at Elite MedSpa, Marion, Ohio, is a minimally invasive method of restoring natural-looking hair to balding areas. The best part about the treatment is the results are permanent. The procedure uses only small amounts of donor hair from the back or sides of the head. As a result, there is less recovery time than with other methods of hair restoration.

    What is hair restoration?

    Hair restoration or hair transplants have been around for many years, but most people are unaware of how it works. So it’s crucial to understand how this type of procedure works to make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you.

    There are two types of hair transplant procedures: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Strip Scar Technique. Both techniques involve removing individual hair follicles from the back of your scalp and moving them to the bald area. SmartGraft uses FUE as it delivers significant benefits over the Strip Scar Techniques.

    We can complete the procedure during a single in-office visit. As a result, there is less discomfort and a shorter recovery time. However, by using your own hair follicles, the results it produces are incredibly natural.

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    Why do I need hair restoration?

    There are several reasons why someone may choose to have a hair transplant. First, some patients want to improve their appearance or confidence level because of hair loss.

    Others are concerned about the aging process and wish to slow down the effects and look younger. Still, others seek to treat medical conditions such as alopecia areata or scarring from burns or surgery. For example, if you have thinning hair, the best candidates for a hair transplant include men over 50 years old and women over 40 years old. People with male pattern baldness can also consider having a hair transplant.

    Is there any risk involved?

    If you follow the instructions provided by your physician, there should be minimal risks associated with this procedure. Potential complications associated with a hair restoration include bleeding, infection, and scarring. If you have had previous surgeries or infections in your scalp, please make sure the physician knows, as you may experience some discomfort during the healing period.

    SmartGraft Benefits

    SmartGraft at Elite MedSpa, Marion, Ohio, utilizes the Follicular Unit Excision, or FUE method, with significant benefits over the older strip method. The main advantages of the SmartGraft procedure are:


    • A completely natural look. Because we use your own natural hair fill in balding spots, the results produce the most natural, healthy look possible.

    • Minimal scarring. Unlike other traditional procedures requiring large hair strips to be removed and restored, SmartGraft uses individual micrografts to eliminate linear scars.

    • A single in-office procedure. The procedure typically lasts about five hours.

    • Almost no downtime. Recovery time is short, and patients are typically washing their hair within a few days.
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    SmartGraft Procedure Marion Ohio

    On the day of the procedure, Dr. Katabay or a team member will go through the process once more, gaining your consent to commence. One of the team will shave a small area at the back of your head. It’s often done in small sections allowing you to hide the donor area afterward.

    A local anesthetic is applied to ensure the area is numb. Dr. Katabay will use the SmartGraft device to gently collect, sort, count, and store the hairs from the donor area. We hold each graft in a temperature-controlled and hydrated environment before being implanted. This approach delivers better results as graft survival, and their ability to regrow is of optimal importance.

    Dr. Katabay will carefully and strategically create tiny openings for the implantation. This step is a highly skilled part of the procedure. The angle, density, and placement of each graft are what will deliver natural-looking results.

    Your New Hair

    During the normal cycle, your hair will take root during the first several weeks and then begin to shed. New healthy hair will be visible in about three months, followed by a noticeable improvement in hair growth in six months. At 9 – 12 months, you will achieve full growth.

    Hair Restoration Consultation at Elite MedSpa

    At the initial consultation with a highly trained hair restoration physician, Dr. Katabay will discuss your medical history and carry out a scalp evaluation. Knowing this will allow us to recommend and determine the number of grafts required to achieve your specific goals and deliver a natural-looking result. Dr. Katabay and his team will also explain the procedure and everything you will need to know.

    Book a consultation and take the next step towards a full head of hair!