MyEllevate Non-Surgical Facial Procedure Marion Ohio

MyEllevate is a minimally invasive non-surgical facial procedure offered by Dr. Katabay at Elite MedSpa. Those who choose this procedure can expect comparable results to a neck lift. However, without the lengthy downtime or recovery period associated with a more traditional surgical procedure.

    Performed by Dr. Katabay

    Dr. Katabay performs every treatment in-office. A local anesthetic will be applied to your treatment area before your procedure begins. The MyEllevate light-guided suturing system will allow Dr. Katabay to provide you with a beautiful natural-looking result. It does this by lifting the skin and tissues in the neck. The procedure typically takes about an hour to perform.

    What is the recovery like?

    Some bruising and swelling in the treatment area after treatment is normal and will resolve itself. Within a few days of your treatment, you will be able to return to your daily routine. For example, you might need to wear a compression garment around your neck and chin, which helps your skin heal in line with your new contours.

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    MyEllevate Results 

    MyEllevate treatment at Elite MedSpa delivers natural results that have the potential to last a lifetime! Yes, it is that good! In December 2020, ELLE Magazine named MyEllevate ‘the buzziest new procedure,”.  It said ‘Zoom Lift’ offers patients the neck rejuvenation results they desire for years to come.

    Combining it with submental liposuction, Kybella, and energy-based skin tightening treatments can lead to even more enhanced results.

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    Interested in understanding more about MyEllevate? Dr. Katabay and his team at Elite MedSpa will be happy to offer a free consultation.

    For those based in Delaware, Ohio, or Columbus, Ohio, we can arrange a virtual consultation. Dr. Katabay and his team are committed to helping you achieve your goals.