Kybella Injections Marion Ohio

More than two thirds of consumers are bothered by a double chin. There is good news if you are frustrated with excess fat under your chin. We can help redefine your neck with a non-surgical option called Kybella, an injectable treatment that effectively reduces submental fat. In other words, the double chin!

Because it’s minimally invasive with little downtime, Kybella is an excellent alternative to surgery and anesthesia.

    How Kybella Works

    Kybella can successfully treat fat under the chin and is FDA-approved. The main component of Kybella is a non-human/non-animal formulation of deoxycholic acid. This molecule naturally occurs in your body and so it helps absorb and break down dietary fat. It can be injected directly into moderate to severe pockets of fat cells under your chin, as a result it destroys the cells and prevent them from storing or accumulating fat in the future.

    Who Benefits from Kybella?

    It’s a great treatment choice for almost anyone wanting to improve their upper neck and jawline. We suggest consulting with a knowledgeable provider such as Dr. Katabay or one of his highly experienced providers.

    What we tend to hear from suitable candidates include:

    • I’d like to see a reduction in the appearance of my double chin.
    • I’m not quite ready for surgery
    • I do not need a lot of reshaping to get the results I want
    • I’m interested in trying a minimally invasive alternative
    • I consider myself to be in generally good health

    At Elite MedSpa, Dr. Katabay and his team care about your results and your health. It is important to tell your doctor if you have medical conditions or habits that might affect your results or make it hard to heal around the injection sites. Above all else your safety is our top priority.


    Kybella Results

    After just a few treatments, patients can see a dramatic difference with Kybella without the need for a lengthy recovery period or noticeable side effects. In addition, almost 80% of patients were thrilled with the improvement of their face and chin after Kybella treatment. They also reported an improvement in confidence after having Kybella.

    Choosing an Injector

    It is essential to choose an experienced, trained injector who can handle the treatment so that it doesn’t damage the surrounding tissue during treatment. Dr. Katabay or his senior provider performs the treatment so as to ensure optimal results every time.

    Other Options for Neck Contouring at Elite MedSpa Marion Ohio

    Kybella is an excellent treatment for treating the submental fat, the double chin. Dr. Katabay also performs MyEllevate, a minimally invasive facial procedure that can complement Kybella.

    If you would like to discuss your options, please book a free consultation below!