DiscSeel, Marion Ohio

If you experience chronic pain, you know how disruptive it can be to daily life. Everything from your relationships, professional life, and even your sense of self can be impacted. While there are spinal surgeries available, they often result in permanent limitations for a staggering majority, causing a host of new problems. Fortunately, we have a nonsurgical answer to back pain that can be safely done right here in our office!

DiscSeel at Elite MedSpa is a minimally invasive treatment designed to address chronic back pain caused by disc tears and degenerative disc disease. Unlike traditional treatments, such as spinal surgery, DiscSeel promotes natural healing by sealing and repairing damaged spinal discs.

If you’re ready to restore your quality of life and find long-term pain relief, this innovative treatment offers a real alternative to risky and invasive surgical procedures!

What is DiscSeel?

DiscSeel Procedure is a groundbreaking and minimally invasive solution for chronic back pain caused by damaged or torn spinal discs. This revolutionary treatment uses a 100% natural biologic called Fibrin, approved by the FDA, which is skillfully injected into the affected disc. Fibrin acts as a powerful sealing agent, effectively closing the tears and triggering the body’s natural healing processes.

With the DiscSeel Procedure, you have a true alternative to traditional spinal fusion surgery. Say goodbye to prolonged recovery times and embrace a cutting-edge approach that aims to restore disc function, alleviate pain, and improve your overall quality of life. Experience the benefits of this advanced treatment option and take the first step towards a pain-free future.

How Does DiscSeel Work?

The entire procedure typically lasts around 40 minutes and is conducted as an outpatient treatment at our state-of-the-art facility. To ensure your comfort, mild sedation will be provided during the procedure.

During the treatment, your skilled physician will use x-ray fluoroscopy to guide the process. A contrast mixed with an antibiotic will be carefully injected into each disc in the affected region. This precise step helps to identify any disc tears accurately.

Following this, using x-ray fluoroscopy, your physician will simultaneously inject two components, prothrombin, and fibrinogen, to create Fibrin directly into the tears of your annulus fibrosus. Fibrin is an FDA-approved biologic with various other applications in the human body. In the case of the disc, it is used as an accepted, off-label use of an FDA-approved biologic (similar to steroids in epidural injections).

The Fibrin acts as a sealing agent within the disc, helping to repair and heal the torn and damaged areas. Over the next few months, it encourages tissue growth and regeneration, promoting the restoration of your discs.

Benefits of DiscSeel

DiscSeel offers a number of benefits for patients suffering from chronic back pain due to disc tears and degenerative disc disease. The minimally invasive procedure offers an alternative to traditional spinal fusions and promotes natural healing.

DiscSeel achieves pain relief without the need for surgery or medications.

  • Heal torn discs and disc herniation
  • Regenerate disc tissue
  • Restore an active lifestyle
  • Reduce chronic pain without surgery
  • Find relief from both back and neck pain
  • Avoid strong pain medication
  • Minimally invasive treatment option
  • Minimal downtime
  • Quicker healing process
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Why Choose DiscSeel Over Spinal Fusion Surgery?

Invented by renowned Dr. Kevin Pauza, DiscSeel offers a minimally invasive alternative to traditional spinal fusion surgery when it comes to treating chronic back pain caused by disc tears and degenerative disc disease. Not only can DiscSeel help heal torn discs and herniation, regenerate disc tissue, and reduce chronic pain without invasive surgery, but it also offers several advantages over traditional spinal fusion surgery.

Gentler procedure

DiscSeel is a shorter procedure that requires less anesthesia and generally results in much less trauma to the body than traditional surgeries.

Quicker recovery

Additionally, DiscSeel offers a quicker recovery time than surgical procedures, with most patients returning to their active lifestyles within days of treatment.

Minimized risk of drug dependency

Spinal fusion is a life-altering procedure and leads to some of the highest opioid dependencies and surgical failures. DiscSeel avoids the need for strong opioid pain medications post-surgery compared to spinal fusion patients.

Am I a Good candidate for DiscSeel?

DiscSeel is a great choice for those who experience chronic lower back pain due to disc tears and degenerative disc disease. The procedure is minimally invasive and does not require surgery, general anesthesia, or long recovery times, making it an ideal choice for anyone with a busy schedule or unable to take time off work.

If you wish to treat your pain source and improve your quality of life without spine surgeries, DiscSeel is right for you! During your in-person consultation, our team of medical experts will discuss any concerns with you and create an individualized treatment plan.

    Downtime & Recovery

    Patients who undergo the DiscSeel procedure can expect minimal downtime and a speedy recovery. While it’s recommended to take it easy for the first few days after treatment, some patients report being able to return to their normal activities within 1-2 days.

    It is important to note that it can take several weeks for the disc tissue to heal. During this time, your provider may recommend light activity and physical therapy to help improve your overall health and mobility.