5 habits for healthy hair

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Haircare products are all the craze when it comes to keeping your hair healthy, however, making these simple healthy habits can have a huge impact on how your luscious and shiny your hair is. No matter what hair type, we have a healthy hair habit for you to start incorporating into your self-care routine!

1: Brush your hair when dry

A simple mistake people have is brushing their hair when wet! Wet hair is vulnerable to breakage (ever got your brush stuck in a knot?) and brushing right after a shower can pull hair strands right out of your scalp.

Instead, take a small moment to brush and detangle your hair before you shower. This way, your natural oils are distributed evenly throughout, hair breakage is avoided, and styling your dry hair will be much easier afterwards.

2: Keep your scalp hydrated

Taking a grape size dollop of deep conditioner should be enough for most people to condition their entire head of hair. Start with the middle of your hair shaft and ends and then continue up into your scalp. A health head of hair starts with a healthy scalp, so leave this on for a full minute to ensure optimal hydration and prevent a dry scalp. This can also help to prevent oily hair!

3: Make sure the water isn’t too hot

After a long and exhausting day, taking a nice hot shower might be your go-to method or relaxation. Although admittedly soothing, hot water dries and irritates your scalp, weakening your hair growth! Turn down the temperature to a modest heat and rinse with cold water at the end to protect your hair follicles. This works to shut your cuticles and in return, shinier, healthier hair is yours for the taking.

4: Eat nourishing foods

Eating a healthy diet is important for your overall health, but it can also maintain healthy hair growth and prevent brittle hair! Make these healthy foods a part of your balanced diet to keep your hair happy and nourished:

  • Fish
  • Meat
  • Eggs
  • Beans
  • Vitamin-rich foods

Vitamins C and E are the main nutrients that help give you thicker, and longer hair!

5: Be mindful of hot tools

Does your daily routine include using heat on your hair? Continuously applying heat to the hair will quickly destroy the integrity of your hair. If you must, using tools with protective technology is important. Ionic hair dryers will help counteract the effects on heat on your hair, however, keep in mind that letting your hair air dry is always the best option.

For those who use curling irons and straighteners, solid ceramic work better to evenly heat your hair with less passes, so the time spent using heat and hair damage is reduced. You should consider hair products such as hair protectant.

Protect and restore hair growth with PRP

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections can be used to restore and maintain healthy hair growth! This is done by harvesting the plasma from your blood and using its natural healing properties to stimulate inactive hair follicles. Increased blood flow and blood circulation also work to deliver nutrients to your scalp.

This increased the thickness of your hair shaft and helps to reduce thinning and balding of your hair.

Experiencing hair loss? Try SmartGraft

The SmartGraft hair restoration procedure is a minimally invasive hair transplant method restores natural-looking hair to balding areas. The best part about the treatment is the results are permanent. The procedure uses only small amounts of donor hair from the back or sides of the head. As a result, there is less recovery time than with other methods of hair restoration. If you have hereditary hair loss, this treatment is especially effective at restoring thinning and balding in the hairline.

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